Here is the thing: The large majority of expecting women in Victoria (and beyond) are choosing to have their babies in hospital, yet have no idea what they need to know to navigate the current maternity care system and how to prepare themselves in mind, body & spirit to make it a positive and empowering experience – on their terms.

YES, natural birth in a hospital is very possible and doable IF you are prepared! I have done it, many women before you have done it and so can YOU!

What we will cover:

  • Calm and ready – Work through any fears prior to labour & why fear is not your friend
  • Get supported in your choices- Midwife / Ob/ Why a doula is worth the moula/ Surround yourself with the right team
  • Empower yourself with quality independent birth education – don’t just rely on hospital classes!
  • The power of inspiring birth stories – valuable birth lessons via the ancient art of storytelling
  • Take charge of your space – creating a home-like environment in a hospital/ birth preferences/ power of language/ Use your BRAIN/ freedom of movement/ stay in your zone
  • Trust in nature’s design – trust your body and baby, nothing to fear, going back to our mammalian nature

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Katrina Zaslavsky is an inspired international author, empowering birth advocate and voice for women. A public health professional turned certified Coach, Practitioner and passionate founder of Birth Goddess, she supports expecting mothers in their mind-body preparations and mindset towards their positive birth. Making positive waves one woman at a time.