Anna Pino shares a personal journey through 3 pregnancies, 2 babies and the lessons of self care, kindness and forgiveness. Anna reflects on the pauses that made a real difference in her pregnancy translating to postnatal wellbeing bringing in her clinical experience and expertise of women’s health, pregnancy health, healthy birth outcomes and healthy mindset.

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My journey to empowering women became more obvious to me when I started my Chinese Medicine practice in 2010. Soon after starting practice I became a Doula because I wanted to know more about the birth space and how I can help women and families have healthier beginnings.

I became curious about my own birth, my future motherhood and birth choices as a young woman. Now, as a mother of two I can relate to the women I come across in practice and in the birth space.

I love bringing together information from my professional and personal experiences to inspire and educate other professionals and birthing women in how to better understand and support the birthing process. I love showing women how powerful and clever their body is coupled with self-care and self-belief.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Founder of Natural Harmony Clinic
Birth Worker
“Spirit Shaker”