Sage Birthwork focuses on helping women and their partners gain the skills they need to feel empowered as they enter the new realms of birth and parenting.
Services include:

  • Childbirth Education classes
  • Birth Hypnosis sessions
  • Mother Blessing ceremonies
  • Birth Plan consultations.


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1.20pm – 1.45pm : Birth Hypnosis Taster
Are you interested in:

  • achieving deep relaxation during pregnancy, birth, and beyond?
  • releasing fears and negative thoughts about birth?
  • increasing your confidence in your body’s innate ability to birth?

Come and learn the science behind Birth Hypnosis and how it mimics what a woman’s brain naturally does in labour. Find out why it’s a great tool for partners and support people to learn, giving them the skills and confidence they need to support you. You’ll also experience the effects of hypnosis first hand in a guided session and practice breathing techniques to help you in labour.

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